Congratulations MRS. PRIYANKA JAIN from New Delhi for being selected as a finalist of Mrs India International Queen 2022! Let’s know more about her. We interviewed Mrs. Priyanka and here are her amazing answers: 

Name: Priyanka Jain

Profession: Head of Marketing, Cardiology at a giant HealthTech MNC

Qualification: MBA, IESE Business School, Spain and Computer Science Engineer, BITS Pilani

Location: New Delhi

Strengths: Resilience, Never say die attitude, daredevil

Weakness: Perfectionist

Likes: Travel, Yoga, Swimming, Sports, Workout, Reading

Dislikes: Cooking


Tell us about your family: 

My husband, Ankit and I met in the beautiful city of Barcelona while pursuing our MBA together from IESE Business School. I believe that we were destined to meet and live together. We were fortunate to get our wedding featured on TV in NDTV Good times and had a lot of fun during the events. We had a baby girl in July 2019 and named her Arya, inspired by the strongest character of the blockbuster series ‘Game of Thrones’, Arya Stark.

I wanted my girl to not be a princess but to be a warrior princess and I think the name symbolizes a lot of strength and courage. Ankit and I connect as parents and Arya is at the centre of our relationship. I believe that we met and got married so that we could have Arya. I’m sure Arya would grow up to be a real Queen who would be strong, courageous, independent, make her own decisions and spread happiness and joy everywhere she goes.


Quotes that keep you going, motivates you:

  • “Humans need to be a multi-planet species” by Elon Musk. If someone can dream of and work towards achieving human civilization on more than 1 planet, we can surely work towards making all our dreams a reality. All we need is passion, belief, perseverance, and hard work to get whatever we desire and to make the earth (and the other planets) a better place to live in.
  • “Never let someone tell you, you cannot do something”- Will Smith to his son in Pursuit of Happiness


Achievements/ Anything you are proud of yourself:

I am an MBA from a top Business School in the world which is a significant achievement as the success rate to get into these schools is miniscule. I feel extremely proud of experiencing this despite being one of the youngest candidates in my school. Post my MBA, I had a 1000% increase in my salary and got the exact industry and the function that I always desired. Recently, I also won the ‘Marketeer of the year’ award at Philips Indian Subcontinent which again is a huge accomplishment. Amidst a highly successful career, I also feel proud that I am bringing up my daughter so well giving her all the time, attention, and love that a child needs.


What is Women Empowerment according to you?

True women empowerment is being the best version of yourself, making your own decisions, living a life of your choice and leaving the world a better place in any way possible. According to me, true beauty is beauty which is inside out. I take the liberty to say that outside beauty is as important because if a woman is the best version of herself, only then can she be disciplined to look after others. A woman plays many roles in her life and her role to herself is equally important. I believe a woman can take care of others only when she can take care of herself. It is not necessary that she should be the prettiest face, but she should be the best version of herself. Likewise, inner beauty is extremely critical, and a woman is truly beautiful ONLY when she is compassionate, caring and a nice human being who touches lives, spreads joy, and makes the world a beautiful place.


Message for the society:

I would like to see people from diverse backgrounds and cultures living in peace and harmony with each other.

India is a beautiful country with such vast diversity and culture associated with it for the last numerous years. We are the largest democracy in the world with huge manpower, but we also have many real issues such as lack of good education, healthcare facilities, basic sanitation, pollution, poverty, and women safety. Despite having so many real issues to solve, what bothers me is when we at times forget what’s important and focus on dividing people based on religion, caste, and region.


How will you give back to society after becoming a Queen?

I believe that education is not given the importance that it deserves. I would like to educate kids, especially girls on good health, physical and mental wellbeing, menstrual hygiene, and the need to follow their passion and dreams.


Why have you participated in Mrs India International Queen?

When I was a little kid, I attended multiple fashion shows and used to ramp walk at home and outside all the time. While studying in college, I led fashion shows, recruited models, and participated in these as well as endorsing a few fashion brands. Fashion to me is empowering and being in front of the camera gives me immense pleasure. I grew up to be a topper in academics and took the path of the corporate world. Being a highly successful entrepreneur and a businesswoman, I want to show the world that it is equally exhilarating to follow your passion and dreams at any age in your life. I want to inspire many others in the corporate world who also have all the qualities in them to become the next Mrs India.