Director's Vision




Success comes to those who work hard and believe in the beauty of their DREAMS. You can achieve anything in life if you are strong, if you are confident and believe in yourself.

There are endless opportunities waiting for every women beyond the limit of their imaginations. All they need is the courage to believe in themselves and work for their dreams.


“A woman entering MRS INDIA INTERNATIONAL QUEEN should have the genuine desire to make a difference”


According to Ankita Saroha, the pageant journey is a life changing opportunity for every woman.

This journey helps you realise your true potential.
It helps you gain self-confidence, raises your self- esteem.
It makes you more poised and presentable.
It helps you in personality development, and in improving your public speaking skills.
It helps you to discover your strengths and makes you more focussed.
It helps you to make more friends, discover the beauty of different cultures and traditions, and to promote societal connections.
It helps you make your voice heard to millions of people.
It helps you in achieving good health.

It is not about the Sash and Crown, it is about the beauty of potential and possibility which makes you a QUEEN!!!