Congratulations MRS. HARSHIKA UPADHYAY WADHWA from New Delhi for being selected as a finalist of Mrs India International Queen 2024! Let’s know more about her. We interviewed Mrs. Harshika and here are her amazing answers:


Name: Harshika Upadhayay Wadhwa

Profession: I am an International Cabin Crew at Air India

Qualification: Postgraduate in Masters of Business Administration

Location:  New Delhi

Strengths: Kindness: Being a Cabin Crew, I have had opportunities to meet people across the globe and various cultural values and mentality has taught me to be Kind with Humanity.


Strong Mindset: I have always been clear about Goals, once I decide to conquer or do something, I divert all my forces to one direction to make that happen.


Inclusiveness: Being a Kind human allows me to be intrusive so that the other person feels comfortable and welcomed.


Determination and Adaptation: The journey I have lived so far has made me determined and an adaptive learner. I am open to learn and adapt positive attributes of life.


Discipline: I am a disciplined human. I value time and believe that being disciplined and on time plays an important role in success.


Values: My values are crystal clear, I play no discrimination in gender, culture or various communities.


Weakness:  Being an independent woman, my weakness is never taking a day off. However, I have started to gradually overcome this weakness.


Likes: I like COFFEE, as I said I hardly take off from work so during those hours COFFEE KEEPS ME GOING.


Dislikes: ABUSE TOWARDS PEOPLE who are either weak or come from a different culture or gender.


Tell us about your family:

I am a 25 year old woman who has been raised by a beautiful and strong woman. In my family we are five family members, I, my mother (Mrs Manju Upadhyay) my elder sister (Mrs Nitya Dua), my brother-in-law (Deepak Dua) and my husband (Varun Wadhwa). My mother is a Devotional Singer and a Queen. My sister holds a government job and is married to a wonderful human being (Deepak Dua) who has his own Multinational company based in UK. On the other hand, is my soulful husband (Mr Varun Wadhwa) who has his own Air Ticketing Multinational Company based in the United States and has a major role in the real estates of Delhi, Gurgaon and Goa.


I was only 17 years old when I lost my father (Mr Girish Upadhyay) who has been a true inspiration for me of an ideal man.


Quotes that keep you going, motivate you:

  • Strength doesn’t come from winning; it comes from the years of hardship and by not surrendering.
  • An airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.
  • It takes courage to be KIND.


Achievements/ Anything you are proud of yourself:

I was only 7 years old when my mother started a Dance School. I was always inspired by her independent nature and her will to never give up. It was like watching a warrior next to me. But one day I lost my newborn baby brother and My mother was fighting for her life in the hospital. In the Dance School I was the only person who used to teach dance with my mother but as she was in the hospital and the financial conditions were drained down, I refused to shut the school. Instead, I taught day and night so that I can collect the money, eventually that happened. My handwork payed me off, I gave the money to my father and my mother came to life and afterwards home. That was the day when 7-year-old Harshika learned the importance of being Financially and Thoughtfully Independent.

At 17 years of age, I lost my father due to sudden heart attack. After his demise the conditions of the family went Good to Worst so quickly that I had to stop acting like my age. I had to quit regular school, to join private schooling by CBSE so that I can be financially independent to help my family financial status, become better. I trained myself, worked on my personality, my figure and my communication skills. When I was 18 years old, I gave my first interview to Indigo Airlines and got appointed as Cabin Crew.

I always wanted to be a Pilot but couldn’t be due to lack of funds. I saved the money these years and by the motivation given by my Husband and Mother, I have joined Air India Cadet Program

I am infused with various dance forms but holds a professional degree from GANDHARVA MAHAVIDYALAYA OF Bachelors in KATHAK BY PANDIT BIRJU JI MAHARAJ.

I was 21 years old when I gifted a house to my mother.


What is Women Empowerment according to you?

The word Women Empowerment itself implies that women are not powerful enough – they need to be empowered. This painful truth has been in existence for a long time. Empowering women is a big responsibility but it’s also vital for Gender Equality. In simple words it is to become Financially independent and to be given Cerebral Opportunities just like Men.


Message for the society:

Society needs to understand that woman is not asking to be physically strong just like man, but to be treated equally at Social, political or Economic Values and then not be questioned that How you manage to be a wife, a mother and a working woman?


How will you give back to society after becoming a Queen?

For me, making a difference doesn’t necessarily mean doing something extravagant at first, it starts with the smallest things that can help contribute to society. My professional work which is of being Cabin Crew comes with a lot of Hospitality and has a vast hand in making me a kind and grounded person. With the help of my work I travel the world, I am going to make people aware of women being financially independent and of self-love. I will motivate women around me to choose Education and financial stability.


Why have you participated in Mrs India International Queen?

My cause to be a part of Mrs India International Queen is to aware woman that Marriage doesn’t change the will to be Successful, the will to be independent, and the will to be stable. When a man can join his professional work right after 20 days of marriage so thus a woman can.

A woman is no less than any gender and doesn’t have to let the will die after marriage.

We the “WOMEN” don’t need time to settle after marriage we can work at relationships and profession just like Men do.

We aren’t Fragile.