Congratulations MRS MADHUPARNA HORE from WEST BENGAL for being the FINALIST at @Mrs India International Queen 2020


“Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.”

Mrs. Madhuparna Hore from West Bengal is a renaissance, beneficent and brilliant woman. She is a social worker, working as a UNICEF INDIA facilitator and has been working for santal girls, Harijan kids and the LGBTQ community for many years. She loves to help people and believes that it gives her true happiness and peace.


She has completed her education in Masters of Art and has been preparing for Ph.D. Proud to be born and bought up in a family where humanity, spirituality and unconditional love are the principles to lead life, she inspires people to enjoy everyday of life with gratitude leaving behind all the fears and anxieties.


She loves to spend her free time with nature and kids. Moreover, she is fond of dressing up, planning and organizing family events, vacations and travelling. She has travelled to 7 countries, 2 continents, and almost all the places in India. She believes in dreaming big and work hard to achieve her goals.


She strongly believes that mental health is as important as physical health and we must give equal importance to maintain both. She inspires everyone to be emotionally stable, economically independent & spiritually secured. She empowers women by motivating them to be strong, confident, and to be the best version of oneself. She says that if we are emotionally stable, we will be too strong to break, and if we are strong, we will have the right attitude and confidence which will help us in achieving great things.


She believes that the life-changing journey of Mrs India International Queen will help her to be a better version of herself and make herstronger and more confident so that she shines like a diamond and inspire and help everyone to rise and shine in life.