#Congratulations MS VIJAYA CHEELI from HYDERABAD for being the FINALIST at @Mrs India International Queen 2020


Mrs Vijaya Cheeli is a renowned senior journalist and a social worker. She is a kind, generous, strong and talented woman. She believes that we rise in life by lifting others. Born and bought up in Chamavaram, a rural village in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, she has successfully completed her education in M.A., LLB and MCJ.


She inspires everyone to be honourable, compassionate and useful in order to make a difference to our lives and lives of others. Even after being a single mother of two kids, she has shaped the lives of many underprivileged kids. She believes that if underprivileged kids are neglected, then they will become the next anti-social elements of the society. So, protecting them, guiding them and saving them is our responsibility if we need a strong and accomplished nation.


She is honoured with many awards for her social work and uplifting the status of society. She has been awarded Best Humanity Award from Telangana Government in 2019, Lady Icon of the State Award in 2020, Best Protector Award for Fundamental Rights in 2020 and Best Appreciation Award from NHRC Delhi and Odisha government in 2020.


Also, she runs an NGO named Indian People Force and Charitable Trust, which helps and supports many people who are below poverty line. It helps them to get equal rights and opportunities to lead a happy, healthy and satisfied life. She says that women are strong and powerful, but when they are deprived of equality and opportunities, it hinders their self-esteem and self-confidence. If given an opportunity and right guidance, women can excel in every field.


She believes Mrs India International Queen is an amazing platform where she can excel and prove herself as a role model for the society, and can be a strength to many ladies who want to come forward and achieve their dreams.