Congratulations MRS ANITA KAPUR from Noida for being the Finalist at Mrs India International Queen 2020


Mrs Anita from Noida with the age of 60 years is one among the senior contestants of Mrs India International Queen 2020. She is full of life, encouraging, motivating and inspiring woman. She is a social worker and has been working with many organizations who are associated with old age homes.


Mrs Anita explained that her motto behind visiting the old age homes is to talk with the people, listen to their stories, ask about their life experiences and make them feel comfortable and happy. She wants to create awareness among young generation that they should take care of their parents so that there should be no old age homes.


She also encourages women empowerment by creating awareness for female education. She feels that if one woman is educated, the whole family, the whole society and hence the whole world is educated.  Government should also take steps in this and there should be proper resources of education in the remote areas also.


Moreover, she explains that 2019 has been a wonderful year for her and she has got many awards in various competitions. She has been awarded by Ms Pooja of Dilli darlings, for   Fashion and styling at the Red Carpet theme show. Also, she has won Best Jalpari Award in Jalpari contest at Atlantic water park Delhi.


She is proud to be a finalist of Mrs India International Queen 2020 and appreciates and supports Mrs India International Queen in empowering and inspiring women.