Congratulations MRS SURBHI MEHTA from PUNJAB for being the FINALIST at Mrs India International Queen 2020


Mrs Surbhi Malhotra Mehta is an elegant, beautiful, strong and talented woman born and bought up in Patiala. She is working as an entrepreneur in her family business and is blessed with two wonderful daughters who completes her world. Her mantra in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion,some compassion, some humour and some style.


She has completed her education in Bachelors of Computers and Law. After completing her education, she has a choice marriage in Patiala. She says marriage is an institute, which actually shapes a woman into what she is;if she faces tough situations after marriage, she turns into a warrior like Goddess Durga, and if the situation is favourable, she becomes a nurturer like Goddess Annapurna. She says that after her marriage, she has learnt to multitask with the help and support of her family.


From working as a teacher to bringing up wonderful girls, to being a homemaker; she has learnt to discover her strengths. As a teacher, she was loved and appreciated by her students, who are now leading their lives successfully as responsible citizens. She has been associated and felicitated by the British Council for her effective teaching skills.


Currently she is working as an entrepreneur in which is managed by her husband and his partners. With this, she has been pursuing her passion of sales combined with teaching,she has been training the team of sales executives. Also simultaneously, she has been helping her daughters in their studies and living her hobbies of singing and dancing.


She has been an inspiration to many women. She believes a women is completely empowered when she is independent in terms of emotions, finances and thoughts. She inspires women to be strong emotionally, mentally and financially, and help them in times of need.She says even a small change around you helps in changing the society, so keep trying to bring tiny changes in the lives of people around you.


She believes Mrs India International Queen is a wonderful platform to express oneself in terms of confidence, style and sense of carrying oneself, and this journey will help her in discovering herself and proving to the world that yes “A Woman can make a lot of Difference!” girls in their studies and live my hobbies of singing and dancing as a shared recreation with them.