Congratulations MAJOR POONAM SHARMA from Jammu for being the Finalist of Mrs India International Queen 2021! Let’s know more about her! We interviewed Major Poonam and here are her amazing answers:


Name: Maj. Poonam Sharma

Profession: Army Officer

Qualification: Graduate in Botany, Zoology, Chemistry

Location: Udhampur, Jammu

Strength: Determined, dedicated, flexible to handle any situation, full of energy like a live volcano.

Weakness: I am naive, very emotional, and sensitive which at times becomes weakness.

Likes: Sports, good food, positive people, good movies, getting ready for some event.

Dislikes: Nothing significant may be unhealthy food and negative people.


Tell us about your family.

My family comprises of my parents, in laws, my husband who is an Indian Airforce pilot and my 4.5 years old son, Shravan Sharma. Also, soon I am going to have a new family of Mrs India International Queen 2021.


Quotes that keep you going /motivates you.

  • ”Woods are dark, lovely and deep. But I have promises to keep, n miles to go before I sleep, miles to go before I sleep. “
  • “Whatever can’t put me down will rise me High.”


Achievements/anything you are proud of yourself.

I have lost 20kgs in lockdown period and inspired others.

Hearing my parents says that they are blessed to have a daughter like me.

I believe I am doing good in my professional life too.


What is Women Empowerment according to you?

It is actually strength of women in society. When a woman controls her own life and choices be it social, economic, educational, she is empowered. In my opinion, there is unchecked discrimination and violence against women in our society. Majority of Women are not empowered yet.


Message for society:

Please take care of your “Psychological health” because a mentally unhealthy person is the root cause of all the crime and all problems of the world. A mentally healthy person would know the difference between right & wrong that will eradicate maximum crimes from the world including daily basis sins.

“Please be Supportive” to each other and make world a better place because you can destroy someone by judging & criticising them all the time.


How will you give it back to society after becoming Queen?

I want to reach out to people and request them to “Be a little empathetic towards differently abled child (autism, cerebral palsy, ADHD, dyslexia etc) and their specially abled parents “. They already have a lot of stress and struggles in their plate. Kindly help them, support them. They have equal rights to stay happy. Let’s make this” world a better place for these depressed souls” to live. They need to Be Accepted!


My Efforts and plans

I am already helping them in whatever way I can since I have seen their struggles closely. I am a part of few social groups to help them. I am planning to create awareness in the society by reaching to maximum people and for that I need a bigger platform which Mrs India International Queen can provide me.


Also, I am planning to involve youth who does not know what to do in life. Rather than spending their time on tv screen & phones, they can voluntarily join social causes. All they need is motivation and direction.


Why you have participated in Mrs India International Queen?

l believe that this title needs someone who is “blend of beauty with responsibilities” and I see that in me.

It’s my childhood dream to walk the ramp in gown, all glammed up, and crown on my head which would be of course my ailing mother’s happiest moment.

I want to do something actively for the society together with fulfilling my own dreams. And MIIQ would be my first step towards that ladder. I want to do for people, who cannot do it themselves, I want to be the voice of voice less, I want to be the happiness of unhappy, I want to be the glue for the broken, I want to be the light for those in darkness.

I am a live volcano, I want to channelise my energy and capabilities for the betterment of society and yes, I believe that I am capable of doing more good for people than I am doing now and Mrs India International Queen is an amazing platform which will help me to achieve my goals.

Thank you.

Jai hind.