Congratulations MS RITU SHARMA from UNITED KINGDOM for being the FINALIST at Mrs India International Queen 2020


Ms Ritu Sharma is a women empowerment & personal development facilitator, an educator and an author. She spreads the message of love, focussing on self-love.Being an Indian, she is a UK qualified teacher status holder and has been residing in United Kingdom for last 15 years, and shaping the future of generations. She has two popular channels on you tube called ‘Forty Steps to Love’ and ‘AajkeBaad’, both in alignment with her message of empowerment and love.


She has been a university topper in masters in English.Also she is a famous author of book ‘Rich Man’s Poor Daughter’ and has co-authored in a global book project called ‘Book of Inspiration- For women, by women’ with a motto to empower self and others.


She runs an organisation called ‘Kaushalya UK’ which is dedicated to empower women. Lots of events, seminars, speaking events and workshops are organised by this organisation to support and uplift the status of women. She believes that females of this world are capable of achieving immeasurable heights if given a chance to prove themselves. She has been working constantly to bring positive changes in the lives of women and empowering them, and she says that her 2 daughters are an inspiration behind all her work.


She believes that journey of Mrs India International Queen will help her in empowering women which is her dream and mission. She wants to create an awareness and a wave that beauty isn’t just skin deep but is very much fabric of one’s character and values. Be proud of who you are, and not ashamed of how someone else sees you.