Congratulations MRS. RUBY KANCHGAR from Mumbai for being the Finalist of Mrs India International Queen 2021! Let’s know more about her! We interviewed Mrs. Ruby and here are her amazing answers:


Name: Ruby Kanchgar

Profession: Strength and Conditioning Trainer

Qualification: SYBA

Location: Mumbai

Strengths: committed and disciplined

Weakness: I am Shy

Likes: I like dancing

Dislikes: Dishonesty


Tell us about your family.

I have 9 year years old son who makes sure that I am always on my toes. I have been blessed with loving, supporting and understanding husband who has always been my strength. In fact, he is the one who encouraged me to participate in this pageant


Quotes that describes you/ keep you going, motivates you:

  • “Every morning u have two choices:

Continue to sleep with your dream or wake up and chase them!”

  • “The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.”


Achievements/ Anything you are proud of yourself.

Becoming a fitness trainer is the most important achievement in my life, because with this knowledge, I can impact the lives of so many people and train them to be fit.


What is Women Empowerment according to you?

A women’s body goes through many mental and physical changes. I believe that staying fit through all phases of life is the most important step towards women’s empowerment. A fit body and mind can create wonders and bring about the change she desires!


Message for society:

Most people want a welfare state, where the state looks after the health of its people. But why not prevent sickness in the first place. After all “Prevention is better than cure.” The first step to work towards a welfare state is to make everyone understand the importance of Fitness. The body is the temple of the soul and we must honour it at all times. The soul takes form in the shape of a body to achieve something and “leave footprints in the sands of time” so to say. So yes, everything for me comes back to fitness both of mind and body.


How will you give back to society after becoming a Queen?

I would love to put India on the world map with regards to fitness.

Towards that goal I have made a small beginning –

  • I have visited Clinics and conducted Yoga workshops.
  • In SNDT School I have conducted a workshop for NCC cadets on Yoga
  • We have started YOFITT fitness for children, Adults and Senior Citizens
  • Society is going more and more indoors which will affect the health of the nation and therefore its productivity. At least once a day either in the morning or evening I would like to see people outdoors giving about an hour for their health by exercising.

Towards this goal, I am studying also. In fact I am continuously upgrading myself in sports and Fitness. I have just given my Level 2 Australian Strength and Conditioning exam which is very advanced and is approved by Australian Government.

I hope my dream of a fit India comes true with all these efforts.


Why have you participated in Mrs India International Queen?

Mrs India International Queen is a platform for me to promote a healthy lifestyle through exercise and to tell everyone about what a fit body can do for them and the country as a whole.