Congratulations MRS MANJU UPADHYAY from Haryana for being the finalist at @Mrs India International Queen 2020


Baaj ki udaana bhi baaki hai, jindagi key imtihaan abhi baaki hai !

Abhi to naapi hai muththee bharret jamee se, poora aasmaana bhi baaki hai!!!


Mrs Manju is strong, talented, fearless and charming woman who is full of life.Being a graduate in her studies, she is professional singer and dancer who is fond of driving.She believes learning is a continuous process in life and so she is taking singing lessons from Gandharv Mahavidalya. Also, she has won beauty title in an event for women.


She is a proud mother of two successful daughters, who stand by her in every situation of life. She believes that her daughters are her biggest achievement. One among them is working in Indigo Airlines and other one has been employed in a government job. She has risen up very strongly from the painful situations in her life and has been an inspiration to many.


She bought her first home in 2013, which now she has converted into Lord Radha Krishna Temple. While she was living happily with her beautiful family, suddenly one day she has lost her son in 2012 which was biggest shock of her life. She was trying to overcome this pain, but then her house got burnt in 2015, and she lost her husband in 2016. Because of these circumstances, she lost the strength to deal with life, but then her daughters and her mother stood by her, motivated her and give her a new ray of hope. Her role model is Bollywood Actress Ms Rekha and her mother who inspire her to never give up in life whatever the situation be.


Today she is an inspiration to many, she believes age is just a number if you want to achieve your dreams. She says women are essence of every family and they must be respected in every way.Also, she wants to motivate every woman who has been through the tough situations in life and has lost hope or who are afraid to take a stand for themselves just because of the fear of getting judged by society. She believes every woman has the right to live for her dreams, has an infinite potential to achieve them but she must realise the strength within. Once you start loving yourself, the life around you start changing.


She believes Mrs India International Queen is an amazing platform to empower women, to help them prove their strength to the world and be the strength for those who are in need.