• MRS. KALPANA DUA - Mrs India International Queen 2022

MRS. KALPANA DUA - Mrs India International Queen 2022


Congratulations MRS. KALPANA DUA from Maharashtra for being selected as a finalist of Mrs India International Queen 2022! Let’s know more about her. We interviewed Mrs. Kalpana and here are her amazing answers:


Name: Kalpana Dua

Profession: Technical Global Leader

Qualification: Masters in Computers Applications

Location: Pune, Maharashtra

Strengths: Genuineness, Courageous, Royality, Humanity

Weakness: Emotional (not exactly weakness)

Likes: Honesty, Respect, Love, Transparency

Dislikes: Hypocrisy, Social Politics, Unjustice 


Tell us about your family:


I am blessed with responsible Father, lovely mother, caring brother and naughty sister. I am wife of successful husband and mother of an ambitious son.


Quotes that keep you going, motivates you:


Live life to the fullest!

Dream, Dare, Dazzle!


Achievements/ Anything you are proud of yourself:


I am proud mother whose son is more sensible towards women equality & dignity.

I am proud of that fact that I create positive vibes among people around me.

I am proud of successful professional life at technology sector.


What is Women Empowerment according to you?


Women are already empowered but their presence, potential and capabilities does not get valued like men. Its evolving journey for women and men to accept each other constraints and celebrate the life evenly together. Every individual has role to pivotal role play to make this change for self and society.


Message for the society:


Let’s make this society gender agnostic by our thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Trust Human & Support Human (Male, Female & Trans-gender)


How will you give back to society after becoming a Queen?


I would like to work more for marginal section of society especially transgenders and economically weaker women.

Would like to develop skill set & digital crowd sourcing platform to support them to be financial independent and utilized their hidden capabilities.

That can be further expanded for the disabled human and rural gems.


Why have you participated in Mrs India International Queen?


Fashion & Humanity runs in my blood! Social awareness, technology and humanity are the imagination of Kalpana and with this idea we must decorate the world with colorful feathers.