Congratulations MRS BALJIT KAUR TALWANDI from PUNJAB for being the FINALIST at Mrs India International Queen 2020


Mrs Baljit Kaur Talwandi is a strong, beautiful and optimistic woman. She is a professional educationist in Punjab Govt Education Department. She has been shaping the future of young India and believes in making a strong, educated and nurtured India. She always motivates her students to work hard and excel in whatever they do. Right guidance at right point of time is very important and she is keen to help each & everyone and guide them towards the right path. Also, she is an anchor, writer, a motivational speaker, a proud wife and a proud mother.


She is an author of her famous book “SatrangiLishkare” which got published in 2017. It is a saga of poems in Punjabi Literature. She has been awarded and appreciated by Govt of Punjab for her work and publication in 2019. Also, she has been awarded and recognised by many social organisations in Amritsar.


She is very spiritual and believes that GOD is divine and omnipresent, and this divine light helps and guides her to take right decisions in life. She believes women is the most powerful creation of GOD because the essence of women continues lives and binds the world with love, affection and care.Her dream in life is to reach great heights and to live in the hearts of people with her good deeds and thoughts to help and serve the nation.


She believes Mrs India International Queen is a golden opportunity for her to get her talent and qualities of modelling recognised on a global platform.