Congratulations DR. PRABHJOT MANCHANDA from Mumbai for being the Finalist of Mrs India International Queen 2021! Let’s know more about her! We interviewed Dr. Prabhjot and here are her amazing answers:

Name: Dr. Prabhjot Manchanda


Profession: Gynaecologist


Qualification: DNB(OBGY), MNAMS


Location: Mumbai


Strengths: Confidence, Team player, Hardworking and Leadership qualities


Weakness: Over emotional, Impatient and gullible


Likes: Music/singing, Playing basketball, Calligraphy


Dislikes: Fake people


Tell us about your family.


I have a closely knit nuclear family. My father is very supportive, open minded person I have ever seen. He is the one who is more confident of me than myself. My mother is a selfless lady, very loving, very caring, very strong and brave. My brother is my life. We all share spectrum of a relationship with each other. My sister-in-law is very fun loving, enthusiastic, loving person. She is the perfect sister anyone would want. Last, but not the least my husband is gem of a person. Words fail to express my gratitude towards him. He has always been the greatest pillar of strength. He only brought this form for me.


Quotes that keep you going, motivates you:


  • “I Carry my own weather.”
  • “A smile always makes you a little brighter.”

Achievements/ Anything you are proud of yourself:


Professional: I am a successful doctor, own my own hospital. I did everything on my own.


Social: I am loved by my patients, colleagues, family. I am a well-known figure in my area.


Personal: The way I have grown personally, coming from a lower middle-class background, being so confident, employing more than 50 people, taking care of their families, following all ethics. I think of it as an achievement.


What is women empowerment according to you?


My idea of women empowerment is nontraditional. I think if a woman is asking for equal opportunities, equal pay or anything like that we have failed to empower our women. Women empowerment for a woman should come from herself. The confidence that I can do anything is empowerment. Financial and emotional independence is empowerment. Don’t wait for others to make you empowered. You and only you can do that for yourself.


Message for society:


It may take a while ever since I was a kid, I saw my mom taking care of our needs. She was her last priority. If she was not well, we were completely exhausted. I always used to think I want to do something about it. By God’s grace, I ended up being a Gynaecologist and now I could see the bigger picture. This story is not of only my mother. This story is of all the mothers in all the families.


Women do not take care of themselves and often come very late to the doctors, gynaec, surgeon, physician – doctors in general – may be mental health. My message to the society would be to take care of our girls, ladies and mothers plus health not only mean physical health, it means mental health too.


How will you give back to the society after becoming a Queen?


I believe we can silently give back to the society very efficiently. I am proud to be a covid warrior. My hospital caters covid patients too. I have myself delivered and took care of covid pregnant patients.


At the same time, the crown can give us a better coverage. More people can come to know about our initiatives and work. In that way, Crown can help us by expanding our horizons and give us a better platform to work on.


Why have you participated in Mrs India International Queen?


Initially it was a spontaneous decision. I wanted to do something out of the box, coming out of my comfort zone. But now I think, participating in Mrs India International Queen is not only going to help me as my personal ground by boosting my confidence and my desire to do something challenging which I have never done. It will also help me professionally, ethically and spiritually.


Other beauty pageants focus only on the superficial beauty. But during my audition while talking to Mrs. Ankita, I realized Mrs India International Queen is not any other beauty pageant. It is focusing on Womenhood in total. I would like to take the opportunity over here to congratulate Mrs India International queen team and thank you for giving me the opportunity to be associated with you.