Congratulations MRS. SUMANA MUKHERJEE from Kolkata for being the Finalist of Mrs India International Queen 2021! Let’s know more about her! We interviewed Mrs. Sumana and here are her amazing answers:


Name: Sumana Mukherjee

Profession: Freelancer in Media

Qualification: M.A in Indian History & Culture.News reading and Journalism

Location: Kolkata, West Bengal

Strengths: My truthfulness, My Almighty, My husband , My ‘Sonshine’, My belief that whatever happens always happens for good.

Weakness: Can’t stand liars, I am emotional so sometimes my kindness is misunderstood as weakness.

 Likes: 1. To inspire my nearest ones.

2.To take care of people and be kind with them.

3.Travelling, watching good movies ,writing quotations, spending quality time with my family.

Dislikes: 1.Manipulators

  1. Secret and pretention



Tell us about your family:

I am a happily married woman. My husband is a businessman and son will be appearing for the ISC class 12 examinations in 2022. He is an under 17 CAB(Cricket association of Bengal) cricketer. My mom in law and brothers in law are there in my family. My parents are no more. We one had 18 members living together under one roof as a joint family but we split up due to work issues. My brother is a banker and works abroad.



Quotes that keep you going, motivate you:

  • “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, liking how you do it.”



  • “As you become successful, do not forget the keys to happiness.”



Achievements/ Anything you are proud of yourself:

I consider myself as a hardworking  woman who knows what is her goal. I had got the silver medal for Bikini fitness in a fitness show named BOSS CLASSIC.

I was 4th runners up at Badass Nation’s My body Beautiful contest that was held in Bengaluru on 11th April, 2021. Travel Script writer for the show named ”CHALO JAI”. Live show anchoring at DD Bangla.


What is Women Empowerment according to you?

Women are the reward of God. To me Women Empowerment means total acceptance, total love, total care and total support. She should be unconditionally loved and valued. She deserves to feel victorious always. If she encounters confrontations she should move on and love life. This is quintessential.


Message for society:

I should create awareness to sons to respect and value women. There should be no room for the minimal or most area of discrimination. Marriage should be the institution set up by men as well as women as a strong wall brought up with all sorts of value including loyalty and honesty, which will further help them expand into the progeny with the similar positive traits.


How will you give back to society after becoming a Queen?

I will ask our angels to dream first and keep trying for it, they should never give up and when they see obstacles they should be confident that they are in the right track. They should keep believing themselves, not to be arrogant but firm in their decisions.


Why have you participated in Mrs India International Queen?

Being ambassador of a national leading pageant is good and prestigious with lot of responsibility. I participated in Mrs India International Queen because my dream was to make me proud of myself and most importantly valued and respected. I wanted peoples love and blessings in my entire life and there will be a trend of goodness that will inspire the society and that will inspire me to do more and be more productive in work field.