Congratulations MRS. SHRUTI DUBEY from USA for being selected as a finalist of Mrs India International Queen 2024! Let’s know more about her. We interviewed Mrs. Shruti and here are her amazing answers:

Name: Shruti Dubey

Profession: Sr. IT Product Manager and Managing Partner at Goldstone Capital Ventures

Qualification: BS in Computer Science from Bhopal, Master of Computer Science from University of Denver, Colorado, USA

Location: Cary, North Carolina USA

Strengths: Commitment to Excellence, Confident, Passionate, Optimistic, Humble, Caring, Resilient and a fast learner

Weakness: Perfectionist, multi-tasker, never at rest, always challenging myself, and not so good with remembering names.

Likes: I love doing marathons, triathlons, running, biking, swimming and traveling. I enjoy audiobooks, I love nature, I am a pet lover and I love to volunteer and giving back to the communities.

Dislikes: I don’t like the idea of comfort, gossip, negativity and harming nature.

Tell us about your family.
I was born and raised in Bhopal, India along with my younger brother and sister. My dad, a former police officer, is decorated with 15+ government awards and recognitions including the President’s Gallantry Medal, and he also served in the United Nations. I have two lovely and very talented daughters who are in high school and a very loving, supportive, and encouraging husband. My parents and my husband’s dedication to supporting my dreams has only made me work harder to inspire my kids and loved ones. My parents believed in strong moral values, hard work, education, compassion, empathy, and equality and that’s the same legacy I am trying to pass on to my kids. In our family, women are always empowered to pursue their dreams, both grandmothers and my mother have done post-graduation. My parents, in-laws, husband, and kids all have believed in me and my dreams, and their blessings and love are always with me from all walks of my life. We all share different aspirations but at the end of the day we are one family, and we respect each other and stand for each other.

Quotes that keep you going, motivate you:
this quote motivates me during my RACE-

Quote 1- “Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up”
these are my EVERYDAY quotes

Quote 2 – “We all have the same 24 hrs hours in a day. It’s what we do with them that matters.”

Quote 3 – “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Quote 4- “The only person who can stop you from reaching your goals is you.”

Achievements/Anything you are proud of yourself:

I love to dream big. I am so proud of my journey from basic school education to pursuing engineering and then coming to the USA for my master’s in computer science and thriving my career journey since 2003.

My second biggest achievement is my physical transformation journey. I was never into sports and neither did I know how to swim, and coming from that start to learning to swim at the age of 41 and then competing in IRONMAN triathlon distances (4km open water swim followed by 180 kilometers bike, followed by 42 kilometers run) and finishing many marathons are very special to me. It was a test of resilience, determination, and the unyielding pursuit of strength.

From the moment I dove into the open water to the triumphant crossing of the finish line, each stroke, pedal, and stride has shown the unconquerable spirit I carried.

I learned how to push myself through pain, the emotional grit to confront fears, and the solid determination to keep going when every muscle of your body screams to stop. More than this journey being so demanding the hardest part was finding time for training while taking care of the house, kids, and full-time job but as we say ‘there is a way if there is a will’ I have conquered the unimaginable. This journey has made me stronger, more humble, and more confident than ever before.

What is Women Empowerment according to you?

According to me, women’s empowerment goes beyond acknowledging the rights of women; it involves actively dismantling our social barriers and biases that have historically limited women’s access to education, jobs, sports, healthcare and decision-making roles.
Empowerment means the power within ourselves to overcome challenges. Empowering means doing the right thing and uplifting everyone for their betterment and the community’s betterment, and it starts with providing education to women. As we say if you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family (nation).

Message for the society:

I would like to create awareness about a healthy lifestyle. Not many Indian women continue sports or physical activities after marriage. I have inspired many Indian women in my area by setting up an example. There is no age limit to learning. I believe in empowering women by promoting a healthy lifestyle so that they can make positive choices for their well-being. A healthy body gives a healthy mind. I want to motivate women to stop neglecting their physical and mental health and start giving equal importance to their health and improve their lifestyle by learning about nutritious food and exercise. This, in turn, will have positive ripple effects on families, communities, and societies at large.

My TOI article-

How will you give back to society after becoming a Queen?

True happiness comes when we share and give back to society and a big title like “Mrs India International Queen” comes with bigger responsibilities. I believe that act of kindness and generosity gives us a sense of fulfillment and a purpose. I would like to tee up with the NGOs and explore the opportunities to help the society whether through volunteer work, or advocacy, or by spreading the awareness by travelling globally or through pods cast. I would love to help with providing education to underprivileged kids and empowering women across the globe. I would also continue my support to local communities.

Why have you participated in Mrs India International Queen?

I always like to challenge myself, and I believe that the Mrs. India International Queen pageant will offer me the chance to foster my personal growth, build valuable connections, and contribute to inclusivity within the realm of beauty, intelligence, and grace. This platform is empowering women to pursue their dreams and become the better version of themselves. I am looking forward to sharing and learning and getting inspired by others.