Congratulations Mrs. Pragya Singh from Lucknow for being selected as a finalist of Mrs India International Queen 2024! Let’s know more about her. We interviewed Mrs. Pragya and here are her amazing answers:

Name: Pragya Singh

Profession: Proud Home maker and Director of small Startup

Qualification: MBA

Location: Lucknow

Strengths: Hard working, I can make friends easily, Family oriented, Humble, try my level best to not hurt others.

Weakness: Anger (I got angry but also calms down very frequently), Low patience

Likes: Reading Fiction novels, spending quality time with friends & family, Dancing, small-small happiness moments, Some peaceful time in a day, Dogs

Dislikes: Messy places, People with arrogance & attitude Problems, Gossiping

Tell us about your family.

I have very small family, my husband is a Chartered Accountant, 3 years old daughter and my cute pet Buzo.

Quotation that keeps you going, motivate you: 

  • Failure is nothing, either you win or learn.
  • Don’t lose hope, you never know what tomorrow will bring.
  • Never think of result, only keep giving your best.
  • Think good, Do good, something good will surely happen to you. It is what you give you will get it back.

Achievements/ Anything you are proud of yourself:

Yes I’m proud of myself because before marriage I was very shy and simple girl, but till today my husband has taught me so much which helped me gain lots of confidence and knowledge and today I’m handling a small start up.

So, my achievement is gaining this much confidence that I am participating in a beauty pageant.

What is Women Empowerment according to you?

In my thinking women empowerment is to empower all the women, of all religions, all ages in such a way that they can take their decisions on their own. Girls/ women should be well educated not only with books but also with practical knowledge in every aspect of life.

Right from childhood parents should also teach their girl child that they can do anything, we should make them strong physically as well as emotionally.

Message for the society:

We all should be humble, caring, empathetic towards all living beings whether they are human or animals.

We should also work on making our society and country safe.

How will you give back to society after becoming a Queen?

I want to help all the needy living beings in world whether they are animals or humans. I want to help animals more because they can’t say their needs humans can at least say what they want.

Why have you participated in Mrs India International Queen?

I have participated in Mrs India International Queen because I want to experience the pressure of camera and how it feels to be on stage and in front of so many people.