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Beauty pageants have been a vital part of the glamour world. The dazzling crowns, sparkling dresses, the stylish walks with a lot of other contests are what keeps the spirit of pageants alive. People from all walks of life come together to showcase their talents and achieve their dreams. Beauty pageants over the years has encouraged the candidates to represent themselves and express their identities while making them stand out from the crowd, rather than merely focusing on superficial features. Even the industry has been more welcoming towards diverse segments and owing to the same, Mrs India International Queen 2022, a pageant that has been giving a chance to married women for years to compete.


This year the Grand Finale of Mrs India International Queen 2022 was organised at The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel Delhi between November 5th 2022 to November 8th 2022 where the beautiful married women from different countries India, Australia, United States of America, South Africa and United Kingdom participated with great excitement.


Famous Bollywood Star, Neelam Kothari Soni along with Rohit Khandelwal, Mr. World 2016 and Ankita Saroha, Director of Mrs India International Queen crowned the winners of Mrs India International Queen 2022 on 7th Nov 2022 at The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel Delhi. The event has been very successful and inspiring towards the journey of Empowering Women and promoting Indian Culture globally.Pallavi Zadkar Tandon from Mumbai is the winner of Mrs India International Queen 2022 and she received a cheque of Rs 1 Lac. Madhura Somashekar from United States of America won Mrs India International Queen 2022 1st Runner Up and received Rs 50000 in prize money, while Manasa Dhanalakshmi from Hyderabad won Mrs India International Queen 2022 2nd Runner Up and received Rs 25000 in prize money. Parul Sharma from Australia is the winner of Classic Mrs India International Queen 2022 and received Rs. 1 Lac in prize money. Dr. Snehal Deshpande from Mumbai won Classic Mrs India International Queen 2022 1st Runner Up and received Rs. 50000 in prize money, while Mrs. Aditi Taneja of Gurugram won Classic Mrs India International Queen 2022 2nd Runner Up and received Rs. 25000 in prize money.


Ankita Saroha is the founder and director of the MIIQ, she gracefully planned the four-day event, and was also one of the judges. The other prominent Judges at the event were Rohit Khandelwal- Mr. World 2016, Dr. Jyotsana Chadha- Winner of Mrs India International Queen 2021, Sharmistha Das Dey- Winner of Classic Mrs India International Queen 2021, Shipra Sharma, Mrs India International Queen 2021 1st Runner Up, Sonali Sherry- Celebrity Makeup Artist, Manju Upadhyay- Winner of Classic Mrs India International Queen 2020 and Upaasana Kalia- Winner of Mrs India International Queen 2020.


Portraits by Vedant is the Official Photographer and Videographer for Mrs India International Queen 2022. The makeup at the event was sponsored by Rajshree Makeup Studio & Academy. The Official Fashion Director and Choreographer associated was Shie Lobo and the event was hosted by renowned Emcee Debojyoti Dasgupta. Sensei Ashok Darda was the self-defense trainer, Vipin Gaur from VG Studios was the Celebrity Fashion Photographer, also Dr. Zahida Johal, director of ZSmile London sponsored the event along with Kanshi Tv and Kismat Tv from United Kingdom, and the beauty & wellness sessions were organized by Dr. Soni Nanda, the Dermatologist & Aesthetician from Ojas Skin Care Noida, Delhi.


The event also witnessed a lot of subtitle winners that included Mrs India Fabulous 2022 won by Manjari Vidulkar, Mrs India Fashion Icon 2022 won by Dr. Monica Saini, Mrs India Graceful 2022 won by Manasa Dhanalakshmi, Mrs India Inspiring 2022 won by Geetha Rajakumar, Mrs India Beautiful Smile 2022 won by Pallavi Zadkar Tandon, Mrs India Popularity Queen 2022 & Mrs India Vivacious 2022 won by Dr. Biraj Thakker, Mrs India Diligent 2022 won by Deepti Kalra, Mrs India Adorable 2022 won by Amruta Damey Bhuse, Mrs India Courageous 2022 won by Sudeshna Bandyopadhyay, Mrs India Charismatic 2022 won by Malarvizhi Maheshwaran, Mrs India Gorgeous 2022 won by Deblina Sarkar, Mrs India Brilliant 2022 won by Aditi Taneja, Mrs India Best Rampwalk 2022 won by Pallavi Kumar, Mrs India Goodness Ambassador 2022 won by Dr. Snehal Deshpande, Mrs India Tenacious 2022 won by Vandana Dua, Mrs India Congeniality 2022 won by Mamta Mohan Singh, Mrs India Perfectionist 2022 won by Parul Sharma, Mrs India Sparkling 2022 won by Alta Sharma, Mrs India Charming 2022 won by Rekha Chauhan, Mrs India Glamorous 2022 won by Saroja Naidu, Mrs India Spectacular 2022 won by Leena Agarwal, Mrs India Alluring 2022 won by Swathi Lingaraj, Mrs India Exquisite 2022 won by Priyanka Jain, Mrs India Renaissance 2022 won by Pragati Saxena, Mrs India Ravishing 2022 won by Sukriti Dhingra, Mrs India Photogenic 2022 won by Teena Chandola, Mrs India Talented 2022 won by Madhura Somashekar, Mrs India Elegant 2022 won by Geena Sandhu, Mrs India Intelligent 2022 won by Dr. Neelu Khurana and Mrs India Sensational 2022 won by Kalpana Dua.


Mrs India International Queen 2022 included several phases, such as introduction round, talent round, interview round, traditional wear and evening wear round etc. The contestants who qualified from the auditions competed in the grand finale. They spent three days being groomed and taught by international specialists, and in the Grand Finale, they were judged according to how they did in each of the rounds.


Ankita started the Mrs India International Queen with a motto, ‘Be Strong, Be Confident, Be You!!!‘ and she ensures that it stays alive. Mrs India International Queen was founded to serve as an example for the rest of the globe by giving married women the opportunity to lead the model lifestyle at least once in their lives. There are no limits for aspiring and deserving candidates. Mrs India International Queen provides women with a life-changing experience in addition to the joy and happiness that come with receiving the crown and titles. The pageant ultimately gives a platform to fresh talent while working towards uplifting society.


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