Congratulations MRS. GURPREET KAUR from Delhi for being selected as a finalist of Mrs India International Queen 2024! Let’s know more about her. We interviewed Mrs. Gurpreet and here are her amazing answers:

Name: Gurpreet Kaur

Profession:  Working as a Teacher in a reputed school,  also running an NGO working on environmental protection

Qualification:  Post Graduate in  Human Rights

Location:  Delhi

Strengths:  Dedication , Determination , Devotion  towards my work.   Patience and Positive attitude.   A good Listener and a good host.  Kind  hearted .

Weakness:  Too much emotional ,  believe people blindly sometimes.  I’m a risk taker too at times.

Likes:  Listening to music , singing , painting , gardening , travelling , taming pets, spending quality time with mother nature

Dislikes:   Dishonesty ,  Animal cruelty,  harming nature, wastage of water, food and such valuable resources

Tell us about your family.

I’m blessed with two beautiful kids, my daughter has just completed her graduation and my son is in 9th  standard.  I motivate my kids to inculcate moral values within and always be kind to others,  to be disciplined and hard working and serve the Nation!

Quotes that keep you going, motivate you :

I Strongly believe  ;

  • There’s always Light only if we are brave enough to see it!
  • Hard work, persistent,  and Never give up Spirit  and dare to Dream Big!
  • Always be grateful and down to earth whenever you achieve something in Life!
  • Think like a Queen. A Queen is not afraid of anyone and her Courage is her Crown  !!

Achievements / Anything you are proud of yourself:

In school days I was not liked much by friends since I was not from a very rich family like them, but I took it in a positive manner and put all my efforts and more hard work in studies and stood first all through and was monitor from class 8 th to 12 th. This helped me in making more and more friends. Happy me !!

In my late 20’s to late 30’s I was suffering from an auto immune disease and was on steroids which ultimately deteriorated my health . It was almost 10 years long journey on medication. Finally I decided to get rid of it,  and I rigorously followed green diet, excercise, and by using five elements (panch tatva) I got rid of it.  By the grace of God , now in my late 40’s , I’m absolutely fine. And I still follow the Diet !

Initially I’m writing a book on Five Basic Foods and I’m always thankful to God!

What is Women Empowerment to you?

There’s an old saying in Sanskrit :

” Ytra Naryastu pujyante, ramante tatra Devta  ”

I believe no Nation can rise to the height of glory unless Women are empowered

The true meaning of Women Empowerment is to make them the best of what they can be, by providing them opportunities, facilities, that every women deserve.

‘ She ‘ is that powerful tree which if nurtured by education, nutrition, security, finances, and emotions , this powerful tree would shower ample of fruitful things upon person to the planet. Yes, to save the human race and our holy planet we need to empower “The Women”

Message for the society:

Though there are many topics to be worked upon, yet I would like to precise in a few points :

Volunteer your time and resource

Motivate poor people, send their girls to school

Spread Nutritional education

Training and Skill development projects for underprivileged

Last but not the least

Bring Benefits to the Planet!

Even a small change can make a difference  !

How will you give back to the society after becoming a Queen ?

The happiest people are those who are giving more.

After becoming a Queen the Crown will just not be on my head, but also will be in my soul !

And my soul wants everyone to be happy. Rather after becoming a Queen I would be more responsible for the welfare and betterment of the society, a place where I and my people reside.  To me their happiness and upliftment mean a lot. I would like to hug destitute children and women and encourage them to discover their latent talents and skill their potential into kinetic form .

Together we will make a difference!

Why have you participated in Mrs India International Queen?

I have been desparately longing  and waiting for it from last 22 years, yeah

though it’s little late, but I’m just filled with enthusiasm and want to participate in Mrs India International Queen 2024.

Plenty of reasons are there to participate in Mrs India International Queen !!

I must admit this Beauty Pageant is one of it’s kind and very Unique

All the rounds are really superb

Right from the Ramp walk to Women Empowerment talk,  and just not a mere talk but Mrs India International Queen is really guiding and supporting the contestants on how to put their best step forward to bring a positive change in the society.

And personally I liked the title given to all the contestants as a “QUEEN”

This is really very heart touching, bigs thanks to Mrs India International Queen for this!

Another remarkable features is a defence training,  Hats off to Mrs India International Queen, brilliant idea!

In a nutshell , I can simply say, that I felt this Beauty Pageant more of as a team event than a mere contest!

And that’s why I want to really participate in ” The Mrs India International Queen”