VISIONARA GLOBAL MRS INDIA® Beauty Pageant reinforce the values of teamwork and camaraderie in a quality & structured environment. All they require to become a part of these pageants is beauty with brains. This beauty pageant will be conducted with values of Indian culture and as a proud Indians.

The Contestants of VISIONARA GLOBAL MRS INDIA® Beauty Pageant will be provided with special training sessions which will make them more confident by brushing up their skills and covering up flaws if any. VISIONARA GLOBAL MRS INDIA® Beauty Pageant gives them a platform where they can completely change their lives, touch the sky and become a professional. It is a step towards ushering them into the Glamour Industry.

VISIONARA GLOBAL MRS INDIA® contest try to break this myth by choosing vulnerable women with Beauty and Brains. India is a country where women are normally not exposed to such type of pageants. But we, at VISIONARA GLOBAL MRS INDIA® conduct the competitions in such a decent and graceful manner that women from all cultures can come and participate with dignity.

Visionara believes in giving an identity to the married Indian women in today’s competitive world. VISIONARA GLOBAL MRS INDIA® Beauty Pageant contest reaches out to beautiful and talented married women from India & across the globe, to be a part of this spectacular event and use this platform as door to enter the glamorous world of fame, attracting a lot of fanfare.