Mrs India Contest 2020
Armi Oliver Farinas / JURY MEMBER

Armi Oliver Farinas is a successful businesswoman and a crown winner of many Beauty Pageants; a full-time Doctoral Student of Liberty University of Virginia, USA and will graduate on May 9, 2020, member of Delta Mu Delta National Honor Society, a MagnaCumlaude MBA and BSBA-Accounting CumLaude graduate, and has earned many awards and felicitations on various national & international platforms. Mrs. India International Queen is proud to announce MS. ARMI OLIVER FARINAS from Hawaii, USA as our esteemed Jury Member for the Grand Finale to be held at Delhi, India. We are delighted and privileged to have her on board.

Equipped with professionalism & love for everyone, Armi supports women empowerment and helps everyone to be a better person today and tomorrow. Indeed, Armi is a woman of substance and believes in inspiring others, especially all women across the globe.

Armi’s work and professional experiences are vast and varied, encompassing various fields and professions. Currently, she is the Director of Finance and Human Resources at Quantum University, a Realtor Associate at Harper Island Realty and a Loan Officer at Citywide Home Loans. She is also an entrepreneur who currently owns and manages (off-site) businesses in the Philippines, namely, Armi’s Villa Ohana Resort (AVOR) and AT Home Away from
Home (AHAH).

Her community and civic involvements are likewise diverse and extensive. She is a member of several Hawaii-based organizations, including the Society for Human Resources Management in Hawaii; the Honolulu Board of Realtors/National Association of Realtors since 2002; Hawaii Pacific University (HPU) President’s Fund Committee and the Charrette Committee; Institute of Management Accountant; and Delta Mu Delta National Honor Society (Hawaii Pacific University / Liberty University).

For her professionalism, her innate desire to serve others and her selfless dedication to serve in various community projects that work for the greater good, Armi’s efforts have not been left unnoticed. As a realtor, she was recognized for being top producer of Meridian Properties, Inc. from 2005 to 2009. In 2013 she was the recipient of the Progress Award-Humanitarian from
the United Filipino Council of Hawaii, and was named Filipino Business Woman of the Year 2015. She was a Gawad Amerika Awardee (Los Angeles, CA), named Most Outstanding Philanthropist, Universal Beauty & Achiever 2018, International Lady of Excellence 2019 in Singapore, and Gawad Amerika Awardee once again as Most Outstanding Philanthropist, Timeless Beauty & Achiever 2019.

Armi Oliver Farinas shines not only in the academic and professional field, but also in the world of beauty and fashion. She is a Fashion Model of Estilo Filipino and has been dressed by world-renowned fashion designers including Richard Papa, Edgar Madamba and Edgar San Diego. She then started to produce Estilo Filipino Fashion Shows 1, 2, 3, Executive Producer 2011, 2013, 2015 in Hawaii, Los Angeles in September 2016, Las Vegas in April 2015 and Armi’s Villa in March 2017.

She competed and won in various pageants– both locally and internationally. She holds numerous beauty titles, including: Centennial Mrs. Hawaii Filipina 2006; Miss Santacruzan, Filipino Fiesta, 2007; Miss Valentine’s, Sampaguita International 2012; Miss Terno 2010 and Miss Kimona, FBWA 2012; Most Elegant Maria Class 2012. She was 2018 Mrs. Philippines
International Global and went on to compete in the 2018 Mrs. International Global Classic in Malaysia—and she was named 2018 Mrs. International Global Ambassador of Goodwill, 2018 Mrs. International Best in Talent (Classic), and 2018 Mrs. International Global Most Confident (Classic). She went on to vie for TKS Mrs. International (Elite) in Singapore where she was named Mrs. International Universal Beauty (Elite) 2018; Mrs. International Timeless Beauty (Elite) 2018; Mrs. International Best in Talent 2018; and Mrs. International Contestant of the Year (Elite) 2018.

In 2017, she served as a pageant judge in the Miss Philippines beauty competition, and in 2018 sat as the Chairman of the Board of Judges during the Miss Philippines 2018 pageant, as well as a judge in the statewide Miss Hawaii Filipina 2018 pageant; statewide judge of Miss Maharlika Pageant 2018 and other beauty pageants.

Armi is a multi-tasker. Her daily schedule is so hectic with various activities that 24-hours a day seemed insufficient to do all her tasks. Armi finds time to volunteer monthly to the State of Hawaii’s Institute of Human Services in Feeding the Homeless, clean-up highways and more. She had chaired numerous pageantries such as Miss Oahu Filipina, Mrs. Hawaii Filipina, Miss Hawaii Filipina and others. Consistently, Armi enriches herself (charity begins at home-self) with positive energies to further empower her so she can accord more love and help, not just to her children and family, but to the community, humanity and our ecosystem.
Armi’s success is not limited to her personal achievements. Multi-talented, multi-tasker, smart, adept and responsible, her 3 children provide Armi with incomparable level of success. VJ at 25- years old is an IT executive, a million-dollar homeowner, summa/magnacumlaude graduate, and presently pursuing an MBA, and will graduate in May 9, 2020. Multi-lingual and International Honor Society member, CJ is a full-time UH student and with the Reserved Officers Training Class /enlisted military, while MJ is a junior in high school, a musician who can play over 12 musical instruments, a member of Moanalua Marching Band, Symphonic Orchestra, Concert Orchestra, a mathematician and an honor student.

While Armi continues to reap laurels and accolades in Hawaii and overseas, she has not forgotten her native barrio Namalpalan, Magsingal, Ilocos Sur, where she donated a school building (2 classrooms, 2 baths, a stage and a flagpole). In addition, she continues to support the school, AVOR Swimming Team, Namalpalan Basketball Team, Women’s Club, started the Working Women Network and support many more organizations like FAMES (Filipino Americans Multi-Ethnic Group). She opens her resort, AVOR to everyone for minimal fees and provides jobs to qualified members of the family.

What makes Armi Oliver Farinas a truly empowered woman? Challenges do not faze her, which can be summed up by the words of Robert H. Schuller, her life’s adage: “When faced with a mountain, I WILL NOT QUIT! I will keep on striving until I climb over, find a pass through, tunnel underneath, or simply stay and turn the mountain into a gold mine with God’s help!”